The Pop-Up, Green-Screen, Photo-Studio

Available for weddings, bar-mitzvahs, proms, funerals and corporate events.

Jelly Photography is a FUN and FUNKY alternative to a traditional photo-booth.


Q: What's different about it? 

A: Well, for starters, there's no booth. We've had as many as 20 people in a single image. Try cramming that many into a booth and instead of just four small images on a single strip, we provide your guests with as many 6x4" prints as time allows and, if you don't like the picture, we don't have to print it.

Q: So, more people in a picture and bigger prints. Is that it?

A: Hardly. We're not booth attendants; we're experienced, qualified photographers; dead-set on producing for you AMAZING pictures that you'll want to keep forever. We're not just the purveyors of fridge magnets and key rings. Quality, quality, quality.


1. Set up 

So this is an example of our set up. We took the picture whilst we were waiting for the guests to arrive. The screen is very green isn't it? Green-screen or chromakey photography has been around for a long time (it's what the weather forecasters stand in front of when the read the weather on the telly). It's a colour that doesn't appear much anywhere so that when the computer sees it, it knows to drop the stored picture on it and not on of the top of the subject (if the subject is wearing a chromakey-green dress then we can easily paint it back in - not a problem).


3. Guests Arrive

Here they are and already wearing our props and in the mood to P-A-R-T-Y.

We quickly take a picture of them standing in front of our green-screen. The hard work has been done and now the computer takes over and is able to transport them to Peru... 


2. Portal

Here I picked a photograph of Machu Picchu the ancient Incan citadel, high up in the Andes Mountains in Peru (thank you Wikipedia). All of a sudden our green-screen becomes a portal  to another dimension.


4. Tardis

The guests were in Birmingham one minute and the next they're high in the Andes Mountains (and not really dressed for it either). They look lovely but we want to see that view, I walked for hours to get that...



5. Back a bit...

The clever computer allows me to make the subject smaller so that we can see those 15th-century dry stone walls in all their glory.

Done, hit SAVE and PRINT. Who needed to travel to South America and get up at 4am and trek for three hours when you can don your red feather boa, get a drink and book our popup, green-screen photo-studio?


6. Alternatives

Not satisfied with travelling to Peru? Why not try Bromsgrove? Or how about travelling back in time and meet a dinosaur? Or how about on stage at Wembley stadium? The world's your oyster. Where do you want to go today?

Here's a small selection from our library of available locations that this lucky foursome visited...


7. Print

So they picked their favourites and they went off to the dance-floor happy with their experience; weighed down with prints, key-rings and fridge magnets too. Happy campers, satisfied customers. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and they thought the person that booked the green-screen photo-studio was both powerful and attractive. 

That could be you. Book us now.